Coaching Profiles 2020

Carlton 1

Co Coach: Julie Bennett

Julie Bennett has been with Carlton Netball club since 2007 and has coached our top two Premier teams for 12 years.  She has approximately 20 years coaching experience at  Premier, School and Representative level.  She is currently on the NNZ Performance Coach programme.

Julie has been involved in coaching representative teams over the years and most recently at Auckland Netball.  She coached representative teams at ANC, in the younger age group, since 2011 to 2017.  With the added recognition of being named representative coach of the year in 2017.

Julie has coached or been Assistant Coach of a variety of school teams over the years from yr 9 to Premier.

In 2016, Julie was the recipient the Phillip Hope Volunteer of the Year award at Auckland Netball Centre.

In 2017, Julie was the recipient of an Auckland Netball Centre Service award for her dedication and time to both coaching teams and mentoring of Carlton coaches over the last 11 years at Auckland Netball Centre.

Over the years Julie has also been a facilitator for NNZ training courses at Auckland Netball centre.

Julie’s coaching philosophy is to develop and arm our netball players and coaches with skills for both on and off the court.

Julie had a year off in 2018 with a back injury, and returned to Carlton in 2019 to coach our Carlton 1 team.   We are looking forward to having Julie return to Carlton again this year.  Julie is an asset to the club, and brings a wealth of experience, and knowledge with her.

Co Coach: Pip Wallace

Phillipa started her coaching career from humble beginnings coaching the lowest team in the club and has worked her way to be Assistant Coach of our Premier Two Team.

Phillipa came to Carlton 12 years ago as a player and suffered a significant injury which sparked a change in focus to coaching. Since then Phillipa has completed her community coach award and has delivered several NNZ training courses for starting out coaches.

Pips has celebrated success throughout her coaching with team Auckland Netball grade wins and club awards, but her highlights have included an unbeaten season with Team 3 in 2015, Assistant Coaching Team 2 to a grade win in 2016 and the massive learning curve of moving into coaching at Premier level.

Pip has a true passion and energy for the game, loves watching her players develop and prosper and building great teams.  We are looking forward to having Pip return to Carlton again this year, to Co Coach Carlton 1.

Carlton 2

Coach: April Eaton


April has an extensive record and history of playing Netball from school age to current.

She has been coaching on & off over the last 10 years both Outdoor & Indoor Netball. She has played reps & competitive outdoor since the 1980’s & Indoor Netball from 1990s to current.

Although now semi-retired……..she still enjoys a game or two on a social level. She says Netball has been her ‘chocolate’ since childhood.

April comes from a family of Netball lovers, married 33 years, with 4 sons no daughters – so keeping ‘Netball’ alive in her house FULL of testosterone ‘she thought would not been an easy task’ however April introduced her sons to Indoor Netball, it turned out they are very talented netball players, her youngest & eldest sons both playing for NZ tall, athletic, and great shooters – she credit’s herself for the skills they have instilled from her.

April; is committed & excited for the coming year: her focus for the season is team unity & individual growth her knowledge and ‘love of the game’ is endless.

Stevee Evans will be her Assistant Coach and they are both looking forward starting this season on a high and to build & feed off each other.

Assistant Coach: Stevee Evans

Stevee has played for Carlton Teams 1 and 2 over the past five years and has also co-coached Team 3 in 2017 and 2018.  Prior to this she coached the Yr:9 A and Yr:10 B teams for St Cuthbert’s College.

In 2018 Stevee was lucky enough to be accepted into the Sport Auckland Coach Evolve Program and in 2019 she completed her Netball NZ CCA Level 1 and 2 netball coaching certificates.

She will be taking a year off playing netball in 2020 to focus on coaching and is looking forward to be working with April as the Assistant Coach for Team 2 this year.

Carlton 4

Co Coach: Elizabeth Asi

Elizabeth has been playing for Carlton Netball Club since 2008. For the past three years she coached a Year 5 – 6 School and Carlton Club teams at Senior D and First Grade levels. She was fortunate to have been accepted and completed the Sport Auckland Coach Evolve Program in 2018. Elizabeth is looking forward to Co Coaching with Pena and having a great season, working with keen netball players.

Co Coach: Pena Katu

Pena has been with Carlton Netball Club for the last nine years.  In the last five years Pena has coached teams from First Grade through to Senior D levels.  Pena is an active Committee member, her role within the committee Co Website Coordinator.  Pena is very passionate and loves the game, both indoor and outdoor.  Pena is excited to be Co Coaching with Elizabeth and seeing what the season will bring.