Please see below a list of each team and the grades they sit within.

Team 1 (Grade: Premier)

Coach: Ashley Davis and Assistant Coach: Mark Loveday.  Manager: Steve O’Connor

Team 2 (Grade: Premier)

Coach: Julie Bennett and Assistant Coach: Pip Wallace.  Manager: Madison Lusby

CARLTON CAVALIERS (Grading: Senior A Section 1)

Manager: Kim Vize

CARLTON TITANS (newly created team for 2017)   (Grading: Senior A) 

Player/Manager: Danelle Gunn

Team 3  (Grading: Senior A)

Coaches: Stevee Evans and Rachael Wilcock.  Manager: TBC

Team 4  (Grading: Senior B)

Coach: Kelda Rawlings.  Manager: TBC

Team 5 (Grading: Senior D)

Coach: Pena Katu.  Manager: Renee Terry

CARLTON JAGUARS (Grading: Senior B)

Assistant Coach/Fitness Coach: Carol Morrison.  Manager: Jai Jorna

CARLTON SAINTS (Grading: First grade)

Coaches: Elizabeth Asi and Telisha Kumar

CARLTON A BIT RUSY (Grading: Senior C)

Manager: Karen Hooey

CARLTON SILVER (Grading: Senior B)

Manager: Fran Simpson

CARLTON HEAT (Grading: First grade)

Coach: Tracey Beetham  Manager:  Anna Thompson